Do you wanna build a BDAY Party?

I transferred all my photos onto my laptop because my iPhone kept yelling at me that it didn’t have enough space on my iCloud to update. While organizing them today I realized that I never shared Addie’s Party! My boyfriends daughter turned 3 last September… I know shame on me. Way late on posting but, with everything going on I totally spaced it.

She has loved Frozen since it came out, there was a period of time where we watched Frozen every time we could and most often, in multiples. So naturally that’s what we chose for her birthday. Me, having a love for DIY and practically no budget… I immediately went to Pinterest. I have a link at the bottom of my site to follow me if you’re interested on what I pinned for inspiration and many tutorials. I did go ahead and link a few below that really stood out to me for our party.

Bubble Wands, Paper Balls, Frosting


We had a bubble blowing station, Bubble dispenser

Addie and my little brother and sisters helped make bubble blowing wands with beads and white pipe cleaners. They were a little flimsy  with just pony beads, so be sure to include a variety of beads to the pipe cleaner to avoid that. I

pinned a ton of ideas for her party, when it came down to the day I was completely overwhelmed! Although I had everything semi- prepared, it seemed as if it was difficult to really [pull it all together]. My oldest, of youngest sisters… who is 16, really helped me bring it all together. Everything didn’t go as planned but… Addie loved it and she seemed to have really enjoyed herself.

I turned an old coffee container into the holder for the bubble wands


A majority of her party consisted of family, now that I think about it… it may have all been family. Some from my side of the family as well as Marc’s. The kids had a blast playing with the bubbles and dancing. I didn’t schedule party games as I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to do. Most of the party was held outside, in and out of the garage, although we decorated inside as well.


Bubble Wands











The posters and stickers she actually had gotten the Christmas beforehand. We have yet to decorate any of the rooms in the house due to our budget so, they worked just fine for this! After the party was over,  Addie had a great time decorating her room herself. For food we had sandwiches, a veggie tray, and cupcakes with either whipped frosting or blue raspberry whipped frosting[ flavor add in]. We also had this delicious layered Jello, recipe from here. All I have for photography purposes is my iPhone 5S. So… unfortunately a lot of this isn’t pictured. This is my FIRST kids birthday party, I am sure it will not be my last. Addie has already told me she’s thinking Paw Patrol for this year 🙂



Cupcakes and deco


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